Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A taxi starts the day

It turns out that the charitable donation was to hospices across the UK. I have no problem with that as a charity to support. The Hilton staff called a taxi for me, and I set off to the company interviewing me. A thorough first interview took about an hour and a half, and then it was back to Nottingham station for the next leg. I just missed the train to Manchester: I was on the platform as it started moving. This meant another hour to wait. During that hour, I got a phone call to say that the interviewer from Thursday night wants to talk again on Tuesday. That is very encouraging.
Once on the later train to Manchester, I got in touch with vivh to let her know what train I was on and with mike2sheds to let him know that a couple of students were trying to put together a poem for a friend, in the style of his old poems. Combine that with repeated phone calls to a recruitment consultant, and you'll see that I was texting and phoning like a teenager.
So I arrived at Piccadilly about the same time as Viv, and we set off to Rusholme early to have evening meal on the Curry Mile. Viv had selected Punjab from her advance research, so we went there after a short walk round the neighbourhood. We chose their vegetarian banquet, supported by mango lassi. Pretty soon after this, it was time for us to go off to Steve's induction at Platt. As ever, a formal occasion, though less so than many of them. The band plays in a style more lively than you will find on Radio 2, and during the service played one of Steve's songs far more upbeat than I had ever heard it before. Also more upbeat than Steve had ever heard it before, I think... All in all a worthy celebration, and the passing of an era, as Steve becomes our "old" rector and Platt's "new" rector.
Refreshments and a reflection from +Colin, then the bus home.
Viv was up early in the morning, though I slept till later, but was ready in time for my lift to Chester for the Readers' AGM. You can read about the ministry of a Reader at http://www.chester.anglican.org/ministry/Reader/ . After the AGM, coffee, and then an address from the Bishop of Carlisle on the future direction of Reader ministry.
The minibus took us to the cathedral, but I had no time for lunch as I needed to be robed in time for the formal oaths we needed to have said before the licensing service itself.
A full cathedral, though not completely packed as it was last year. Seventeen new Readers, two transfers from other dioceses (including me) and a sermon on John 3 from the Bp of Carlisle. Then home, grateful for the support of those who had come to the cathedral, those who joined us at home and those who couldn't be at either event but were nevertheless praying for me.
Maybe about two dozen people here tonight, eating, drinking, chatting and celebrating. The celebrations didn't go on late, as you can probably tell by my writing this so early, but long enough to be pleasant. It's been a busy time, and I think everyone is tired.
Another busy day tomorrow: no doubt people at church will be asking about some or all of my interviews, Steve's induction and my licensing. Then next week, continue on with the search for employment in the secular side of life.
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