Ian (ringbark) wrote,

My birthday

An early start, and a quick look at the presents. Among others, a shirt, a tape, a book ("Everything's Eventual"). An uneasy sort of morning and then off to church, where I took the part of Jesus in today's drama. As I think I've said before, rather better than Judas, Caiaphas, Herod and the parts I often seem to score.
Hot bread lunch and clearing the floor so that the cleaners can clean the carpet next week, and then it was off home before going to see Minority Report in Lower Hutt. I was a bit unsure about taking the boys to see it, but it's the film that I have the most interest in seeing at the moment (it's probably better than seeing Star Wars AotC a third time). It's a strange movie in come ways, but not too bad.
After that, curry for dinner and then back home. Popped down to the service station to get some bread and milk for tomorrow. On the way back up the hill, I was trying to remember the opening line of Moby Dick. I know it's a famous line.
In other news, my wife has just started a livejournal at vivh.
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