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03:59 pm: The next part of the week
Here we are - Monday was a day of sorting out possible interviews and things, followed by a church meeting. Tuesday morning should have been an interview, but it was put back to Thursday. There was other confusion as to what should and shouldn't have been happening. In the late afternoon, Viv and I went out to deliver a letter. The rest of the evening was pretty quiet.
And it was the National Trust's and English Heritage's blog-in day on Tuesday.
The Daily Telegraph wrote "The biggest "blog-in" in the world proved to be too much for the computers it was aimed at yesterday. By 6pm, almost 10,000 internet diaries had been sent to the servers, more than expected and, inevitably, a blog-clog followed." Yet LJ had around 230,000 entries and do that every day and yet the server is robust.
Wednesday: another day of bits and pieces, with interviews being arranged again. And then today, a disturbingly short phone interview. Shortly after that, our friend Gill came to visit. Viv, Gill and I set off to Thornton Hough for lunch, finding that getting there is not so straightforward with the road works and road closures. Still, we eventually got to the Seven Stars, or Sep Ŝteloj as my father called it, where we had lunch. Gammon, pineapple and fried egg. Mmmm. Then Gill took us home and we talked and drank coffee and talked about Vanuatu and Vanuatu friends. Then she went home, the boys came home and another day had pretty much disappeared. And tomorrow is a Manchester day.

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Date:October 19th, 2006 06:54 pm (UTC)
Thornton Hough
How do you pronounce the Hough? Hoff? Hoe? I just love that -ough ending *g*
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Date:October 19th, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC)

Thorrnton Hough

Like Huff. And this icon is the place we had lunch.
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