Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A very happy St Crispin's Day to one and all

Last Friday started with a leisurely trip to Manchester to visit a recruitment consultant. I have always been sceptical of the value of these meetings, but an unemployed person making a journey of about one hour in each direction is not too bad. My real complaint was in New Zealand. To travel from Hastings to Wellington was around four hours each way, and so would require a day off work. This was so that a recruiter could look at me and satisfy herself that she was prepared to put my name forward to a prospective employer, which would result in another round trip and day off for a real job interview. Still, this trip to Manchester has led to a couple of real opportunities, so it wasn't a complete waste.
Saturday, on the other hand, was another lack-of-anything day. I was going to go and see "Children Of Men" but discovered that it has finished at all the local cinemas. It's not even released in the U.S. until Christmas Day, so I will refrain from spoiling. I downloaded a copy of it, but it was of very diappointing quality. Having watched it, I now know that I want to watch the film. A definite "Beaujolais!" to the person who recommended the movie by linking to the trailer in their LJ. Please make yourself known...
Sunday consisted of the usual church services, punctuated by a late lunch and a trip to Viv's mum's house in the afternoon.
Monday was a day of keeping the boys in order during the half-term break, along with a visit to a computer repair shop and a bank. After that, a quiet evening.
Tuesday, yesterday, a day of organisation for jobs and things, followed by a dinner appointment. Like so many of them, it was fine food, fine wine, fine company. I couldn't believe how quickly the time went by.
This brings us to Wednesday morning, which will finish before I post this entry, if I'm not careful.
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