Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Monday bits and pieces

July 1 - the day after my birthday. If she had lived, Princess Diana would have been 41 today too. Always wear your seat belt.
I was in the shower just after seven this morning when there was a knock at the door. The boys were up and about, but Viv wasn't and I was...in the shower. Now, the boys are smart enough not to open the door at that hour of the morning, so I got out to see who it was. A delivery courier. At that hour of the morning. He was delivering a Lego Darth Vader we ordered a week or two ago from Fly Buys.
Fly Buys is an extraordinary loyalty programme. You score points by using particular petrol stations, credit cards, insurance companies, book sellers, computers stores, burger bars, tyre companies, supermarkets etc. If you change your behaviour to become locked into the scheme, you might get enough to fly somewhere useful in a year or so. If you are not prepared to change everything about your life, then you will get very little. So far, in four or five years of membership, we have acquired a scanner for half price. A couple of weeks ago, noticing that some of points would shortly be expiring, we ordered a hand mixer (very useful if you like mixed hands) and a Lego Darth Vader, which arrived this morning. The mixer is on backorder.
After an early breakfast (seeing as my shower was cut short) went off to work. Today, it just didn't get warm at all. I had Subway sandwiches delivered for morning tea - they were a very popular choice. Note for the future: don't get veggie delite in the selection - nobody likes them and they're the same price as the meat ones.
After lunch, leftover Subway, it was an afternoon of report writing before going off to the New Zealand launch of Microsoft Project 2002. I had very little interest in the software, to be fair, but it was just over the road from our offices and I thought they might feed us. I was right - bread and dips. I got a glass of wine and a beer too. But the best thing was the promotional pens - they light up like light-sabres. Great! I couldn't wait to get home and show them to the boys, who thought they were cool too.
They'd finished making Lord Vader, and very fine he looks too.
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