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The start of another day

Well, yesterday was an exciting day, in a manner of speaking. The road works continue - this time apparently on or near Brookhurst Road, so that the bus route has been redrawn. Unlike last week, no notices to tell you. I thought this might be the case, so I called the travel information line. After going through a labyrinthine voice-mail-menu-hell system, I finally got hold of a person, who told me that they have no idea about disruptions: all they have is the timetable. So I won't be calling again.
There was a queue at the Jobcentre, so I had looked through their automated job search system and read their house magazine before I got to sign my name. After that, a quick visit to the bank and then off to sheaj34's for a coffee and a weigh-in. 16 stone 10 pounds, (234 pounds, 106.1kg) , still going in the right direction. They were just taking delivery of a new flat-screen television.
Viv went off to run the new study group, leaving me to sort out lunch and have my interview. A simple lunch, a half-hour interview by phone at 3 o'clock, another call from a recruiter just after 5 o'clock, which took about the same length of time as the interview. She has some hot new leads from some companies new to me, and is sure she can place me in a job almost straight away. The problem is that these recruiters are all upbeat and optimistic salesmen. We'll see. I'm happy to listen and co-operate.
A quiet evening; chat with ciarang and amuzulo among others: strange to have conversations with people I've never met but number among my friends. Maybe not so unusual any more...
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