Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wow, what a day...

It started harmlessly enough, but just after Viv stepped out to go shopping with her mother, the phone started to ring. Over the course of the next few hours, phone calls and emails from four different recruitment agencies, all of whom had exciting new opportunities for me to consider. It made for a busy day, as return emails and phone calls bounced to and fro as I considered carefully what they have to say. One has already come back with a provisional time for an interview with a prospective employer, a household name in finance.
Among the phone calls was one to say that David's computer had been repaired and was ready for collection. Soon after Viv got back, we went to collect it. Boy, it's got cold when the wind blows.
Pretty soon it was time to set out to church for what has now become the tradition for 31 October. As a protest against what has happened, a reclaiming of the night, as a group from our church give gifts to the houses nearby. No trick: just a treat. Viv and I gave out a small bag of chocolates and a note to each house in one road near church.
After coffee at church afterwards, it was time to come home, so we did that.
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