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Thursday night

A fairly quiet day yesterday, after the lunacy of Tuesday. After a slow start, Viv and I went off to the station, after which she set off to Little Fishes while I bought some stamps and came home. The first 2,000 words of this year's NaNo effort, and then the rest of the day, with David going off to his youth meeting and us going off to the big people's meeting.
Then home.
Today, a bit of tidying up, pulling leaves out of the grid, washing dishes (yes, Ciaran, more dishes) and the annual servicing of the central heating boiler, which Geoff has been doing for a long time.
But tonight, David is going off to shoot arrows in the dark, while Viv is off to learn more about TEAR Fund.
And I'll probably write another couple of thousand of words of rubbish.
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