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Musicals I have seen

What musicals have you seen? From a LJ conversation with ciarang. The Top 100 starts at http://www.channel4.com/film/newsfeatures/microsites/M/musicals/results_100to96.html

Please list the ones you have seen on your LJ, optionally with a short note added.

69 The Producers
44 Tommy (hated it, gave the DVD away)
43 Snow White (love it)
39 South Pacific (magnificent, set in Vanuatu)
30 Cats (great stuff, saved my life)
28 Jesus Christ Superstar
27 Jungle Book
24 Blues Brothers (great stuff, we're on a mission from God)
22 Evita (almost nothing to touch it)
20 Phantom Of The Opera (saw it with Crawford)
18 Joseph...Dreamcoat
16 Willy Wonka (ok-ish)
15 Les Miserables (now, that's the winner by far)
14 Lion King (good, but how can it be higher than Les Mis?)
12 My Fair Lady
11 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (but only when I was a child)
09 Oliver! (rubbish)
07 Rocky Horror (great, but in a time warp)
05 Mary Poppins (not bad, but far too long)
04 West Side Story (pretty good)
03 Wizard Of Oz (preferred Pink Floyd's version)
02 The Sound Of Music (enough said)
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