Ian (ringbark) wrote,

After the weekend

We knew the firework party would be pretty good, but we also knew that there would be an hour's walk before we got there. Down the dark roads and then there we were at the farm, where a fair number of people were already gathered. As we wandered over to the field where the main event would be, an odd collection of music was playing.
Soon after this, we had the presentation of the Jester, the Princess, the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, the odd cleric Fryup Tuckin and the celebrated Robin Hood. Robin Hood shot a flaming arrow and set the sheriff's house alight, or would have done if it had worked. David (for it was he) shot the flaming arrow brilliantly, but it failed to light the accelerant-soaked timber, unfortunately. Mind you, a cunningly edited video gives a different impression.
Then a fair few fireworks went off, before the hot dogs, drinks, and other sundries were consumed.
That was Friday: tired and exhausted, we went to bed, to emerge later on Saturday morning. We went to Birkenhead, where we purchased rugby boots, a hockey stick, a copy of the Fortean Times, another magazine and two reams of paper. Most of an Asda online supermarket order was delivered later in the evening...the rest of the order was eventually delivered just a few minutes ago.
Various amendments to The Smirks website, a couple of edits to Wikipedia and some more words to NaNo, where I'm doing better than last year, but still behind.
Sunday was another day of church services. (Next week will be Remembrance Sunday.) In the morning, the end of St John's Gospel. In the evening, the end of the prophet Ezekiel. Between, lunch and things. One of those things watching the All Blacks thrash England. Well done, guys!
Today was another fairly quiet day. A Government statistician was interviewing us for somewhere between half an hour and an hour - we had been told he was coming, but weren't told when. No problem with all that, except for the time he took hour out of our morning.
The rest of the day was pretty quiet: I've been chasing up the job people who called last Tuesday, but to no avail. Except for the person who phoned to tell me that I was to be interviewed in Manchester again on Wednesday - but no confirmation of it yet.

ETA: Interview for Wednesday afternoon in Manc now confirmed.
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