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A new day dawns

Well, here we are: a new day dawns.
Yesterday, the survey from the National Statistics Office had a good look round while Viv got ready to go out to Fishes. Soon after that, I was getting ready for my Manchester interview when the phone rang. Still, I caught the train to Liverpool at just after 11 and was able to get the 11:52 from Line Street to Manchester. All the way to Manchester, I spent time writing for NaNo, so you can probably see from the that I'm less far behind. After the trip to Manchester, I bought a sandwich* for lunch before setting off to the suburb for the interview. It was a very interesting interview, describing at interesting position with a lot of freedom to act. After that, I caught the tram, train and local train again and was back home a couple of minutes after 5 o'clock, in time for evening-meal and our group meeting.
Late in the evening, once we were back, I found and scanned a document to send off to a recruitment company, who might have a position that is of interest for me. Haven't they all got that? So where are the job offers?

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