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11:03 am: A week of stuff
After signing on early on Monday morning, there were other things to do. I'm afraid I've spent too long sending instant messages and talking about websites this week. Monday evening was a fairly quiet one, as Mondays go, which is generally shorthand for saying I can't really remember what I did. During the week I added a spreadshirt shop for smirks_rss, as well as a couple of other bits and pieces. Meanwhile, discussions with ciarang and amuzulo on wide-ranging issues focussing on Wikipedia, job websites and future ideas.
On Tuesday afternoon, it was time for an interview with an insurance company in Liverpool, but that wasn't very promising. Earlier in the day, I started sorting out the open jobs and the closed jobs. I received a text message at just before one o'clock on Wednesday morning to say I had a voicemail from the recruiter left before 8pm. Obviously the mobile signal here is no better.
By yesterday, we were starting to realise that the time was approaching for the trip to Birmingham.
Key URLs for the trip:

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Date:November 17th, 2006 09:11 pm (UTC)
Following the hotel link, I was left with the impression that it's not only surrounded with water on all sides, but also filled with water inside.

I must be particularly click-happy tonight, because I followed the ticketline link as well, but fortunately for me there wasn't a picture of the Burgh.
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