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Saturday Evening

Three fairly quiet days: recruiters keep getting in touch, but the one that really counts won't be saying anything till Monday or Tuesday.
Last night was the church's mission sale, which as usual had a large crowd buying stuff: some stuff you eat, some stuff you don't, which pretty much covers everything. But there are lots of things there every year.
This morning, Viv set off early to the fair, and then went on to the school fair, where she was collecting the £1 coins for seeing Santa. I didn't see Santa. Chris got a bicycle for £15, which is an excellent bargain.
Just after I got home, the game started. Wales 10 New Zealand 45. Or, to put it another way, New Zealand 45 Wales 10. Not only a victory for New Zealand, but also a defeat for Wales, so that's two reasons to celebrate. However, I'm not available to talk about cricket at the moment.
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