Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Yes, I know it's been ages

Not that less than a week is really "ages" - you can ask sheaj34 about that. Still, it's more time than I would care to have to think about in one chunk, especially seeing as Viv is out and I can't just shout "what did we do on Wednesday night?"
Tuesday was a pretty quiet day, so far as I recall. I thought that I would have a day without a BAINZ committee meeting, as I though we had switched to fortnightly, but that's apparently not the case.
David and Matthew went off to an overnight houseparty, so it was quieter without them.
Wednesday, David's birthday, saw me have to struggle out of bed at an earlier than usual hour, as I had a course to attend: Write for results which was at the Hotel Ibis on The Terrace. We got up in time for this, and I did catch the early train and I did go up The Terrace, but the hotel I thought was the Ibis was actually the Novotel. They are in the same group, but different hotel chains within the group. The Ibis is another ten or fifteen minutes up the road, and as its name suggests, The Terrace is steep.
The course was worthwhile, but it showed me that my technical writing needs a lot of sharpening up. It's acceptable to ramble in places like this, but there's not enough precision in the other stuff I write.
After the course finished for the day, I reckoned I couldn't face the walk back to the station. Besides that, I had a birthday party to get to.
I ordered pizza for 2 adults and eight boys at Taita Pizza Hut and hopped on the bus home, arriving before the pizza. Well, I wasn't going to carry five large pizzas, four serves of fries, three garlic breads and four litres of pop on the bus and up the hill, was I?
After most of this had been devoured, the trip to Lower Hutt cinema started, as Viv ferried batches of boys to the cinema. We all saw Scooby-Doo, a film which probably isn't targetted at children at all in fact, but at those of us who watched it when we were children.
Thursday morning saw the next Toastmasters meeting. A great triumph of Kathe as chairman was to fit in four speeches, three of them "advanced" speeches, in an hour and a quarter. Two were Kevin presenting and me receiving the Advanced Toastmaster Silver award.
Pretty much as soon as the meeting has finished, I had to jump in another cab and get up the hill to the course. It's still cheaper to do this than to drive into the city and park.
The pressure of Thursday evening was taken off us by the news that there is no music practice during the school holidays.
I can't remember what happened on Thursday evening instead. Not much, I'm inclined to believe.
Friday was quiet too - flat out catching up with emails and messages, writing up notes from meetings - that sort of stuff. I again wasted too much time playing computer games in the evening.
Saturday: spent part of the morning looking for the meeting Viv was trying to get to - finally found it in Upper Hutt and not Lower Hutt as we had been told. Things we did without Viv - played a game of Flutter, had bread and chicken and chips, I read and the boys listened to 1408, one of the stories in Everything's Eventual.
They've all gone off to bed now, and I'm taking an opportunity to catch up on the week's news.
We've just installed Lemmings, an unusual sort of game if ever there was one.
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