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Thursday morning, still dark

It's Thursday morning, and as I look out of our living room, I see it's still dark. The first light of the day is just starting to appear. It's cold, but not as cold as I would expect at this time of year: it's one of the mildest Decembers I remember.
It's been an interesting couple of days: I keep on telling people that I have been offered a job, and most of the emails that have been from people I know, rather than mailing lists or spammers, have tended to contain the word "congratulations", with a "T".
It's much simpler not trying to spot job vacancies that might be worth pursuing, and the email emphasis has now changed to figuring out to get off the job board mailing lists.
Yesterday was mostly spent writing a sermon on the first chapter of Colossians that I will be delivering on Sunday evening. It's taken a long time to write, and isn't yet quite complete.
Yesterday morning was our monthly prayer breakfast, which had a disappointingly small attendance, but an inspiring talk about 1 John 4 and an awful lot of bacon sandwiches. In the evening, the church's monthly prayer meeting, by contrast, had more people than usual and no bacon sandwiches at all.
Now we're up to Thursday morning, with Christopher already set off into what he described as a hurricane, while the rest of us prepare for the new day ahead of us. This will include sermon writing and dish washing, not necessarily in that order.
In the unlikely event that anyone wants to hear a sermon based on Colossians chapter 1 this Sunday, it's
Place: St Andrew's Church, Bebington, CH63 3EX
Time: 6:30pm, Sunday 10th December, 2006
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