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LOST game

LOST is a student project. The aim of LOST is to show how 7 million people connect to one another, and break the record for the game with the most players ever!

LOST enables you to interact with people across the world, and see how you are linked to them.

Joining the game
To play LOST you have to find an invitation. An invitation is an internet address that looks like this: www.lost.eu/example, but instead of the word 'example' there are some random numbers or letters. There are invitations on the internet, and in the real world. They could be anywhere - on web pages, inside book covers, written in chalk on a pavement or across a beach in the sand.

Playing the game
Once you join the game, you will be given a username and password, so that you can log in to your profile. Your profile will show a timer, counting down to zero. If the timer reaches zero, you will lose the game. You can reset your timer by inviting someone to the game yourself.

Winning the game
For every person you invite to the game, you gain one point. For every person they invite, you gain ½ point. The person with the most number of points wins the prize when the game ends. Prizes will also be given to the nine runners up. This will happen when the game reaches 7 million players.

The prize
The top prize is £500, but the game should be played for fun! The prizes for the top ten aren't decided yet.

Your Invite is HERE. Game on!
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