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Completing various tasks

On Saturday afternoon, we went off shopping in a real life shop, though there are no doubt some reading here who would be appalled by the thought, and equally appalled by anyone admitting it. It's interesting to note how many people there are who pick up the yard-long packet of Jaffa Cakes, hold it for a moment and then put it back. In many cases, you will see a couple, where the man picks up the packet, engages in a brief discussion with his wife/partner and then replaces it.
The weather got colder and colder as Saturday went on, and I put up some Christmas cards one at a time. On Saturday evening, though we didn't want to, we went out to the station to renew our season tickets.
Sunday morning, a wet day, though it wasn't actually raining at the time. Our morning service was followed by a lunch for some of the younger people, and the food available was child-friendly: a bit too child-friendly for my liking.
In the evening, I preached at the service, from Colossians 1:1-14, focussing on the message of hope there. This seemed to go well: the feedback on my sermon was positive.
Then home, where it is now quieter: I have found a job, I have preached the sermon, most of the Christmas cards have been sent, so it is now mainly the Christmas preparations.
Monday morning, a mad session of tidying up and sorting out, as the group Viv meets with on Monday afternoons was meeting at our place...I wasn't there, as I still need to sign my name for the time being. Viv is right: it is a better experience when you have a job offer. I won't be signing many more times.
After that, I went round to Betty's place until it was safe to go home. Since then, it's been fairly quiet here. I zipped along to Amazon to buy a few Christmas presents for the family, but otherwise, it's been quiet. Viv came in from a carol service practice to a quiet house: Matthew was in the bath, the rest of us were using computers. And it's still pretty quiet.
In a few minutes, I will post this, and then go off and do some dishwashing while I listen to The Archers.
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