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Friday morning

In all fairness, it's been a very quiet week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have been very quiet, though Viv has been doing all sorts of things, and seems to have been to a fair number of Christmas events, most of which seem to involve eating and or drinking.
Ten days from now, it will be Christmas Day and all the preparation will be over, and the celebration will be upon us.
I'm not sure whether there is anything useful I can say: it's been a quiet week for me, as I haven't done much. Wednesday night was our church's last housegroup of the year; it was also the day I posted my acceptance for the new job which I will be starting on 2 January.
2 January is a public holiday in New Zealand, but not in England. This is in keeping with the tradition: my first day of work in Vanuatu was a public holiday in England.
Today, I expect to go into Birkenhead and get a new pair of shoes. If I write that here, I might do it!
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