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Monday morning - but only just

Yesterday started with Viv setting off for the service, and me following after, with Betty and two boys. During the service, +Colin gave a dynamic sermon, taking in lines from most of our Christmas carols and a quotation from "A Christmas Carol" - great stuff, reminding us of the real meaning of Christmas, so often forgotten by so many.
Then in the evening, after a quiet afternoon (for me) off to the annual Carol Service at church. Viv was singing and dressed in red: they all were. But Viv was the best.
Then a lot of clearing up afterwards.
This morning, the boys went off to school and I set off to the jobcentre for the last time. It's good to sign off. So I did that: my next days to sign would be 25/12 and 1/1, both dates when the place is shut. And by 8/1, I'll be going to Chester every morning at some ridiculous hour.
But today, it's off to the big city for a seminar, and maybe other stuff too. But I need to post this before I zip off to Lime Street.
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