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Seven days makes one weak

It's been a week with not much time or inclination to write stuff here, but I'll try to write a few words to catch up here.

Last Thursday afternoon saw us go into town and have lunch at Burger King before I took the boys to Te Papa museum. But before that, I checked my mail box to see what was there. A few bits and pieces, including a preapproved American Express Platinum Card application. However, I probably won't be taking them up on the offer: while it would be a prestigious thing to have, an annual fee of $1250 seems steep...

After the boys were safely at Te Papa, it was time to drift back up to The Terrace for the fundraising meeting.
After that (which had a very generous afternoon tea provided) I met up with Viv and we caught the bus round to the museum, where we picked up the boys and went back round the circular route to...er...Burger King again. It's most unusual to eat there twice in one day.

Friday was a work day, with all that you would expect, except that there was a two day backlog of mail and other things to deal with.

Can't remember what happened on Friday night. I'm sure it was very good though...and I'll struggle to get through what happened last weekend. That is why it is so important to make notes about what happens as it happens.
No sport, if I remember correctly. I think it wa Saturday night last week that the All Blacks beat the Wallabies at Jade Stadium. The game had NO TRIES. That doesn't make for a good game, even if the home team does win.

On to the next day, then. Sunday, almost a day off, but not quite. I wasn't in a play this week, just counting the money after the service. Well, that wasn't quite all, but it was all I was on the schedule for.

Monday, back to work. Busy right through the week. On Monday morning, I received an ominous email, reminding me that I was chairing this Thursday morning's meeting. That wasn't good news, as I had plenty of other things to worry about. Besides, wasn't Thursday supposed to be the speech contest? (No, that's next week.) I spent some of my time during the week, therefore, trying to find people to speak and evaluate...I just about managed to pull a programme together, but one I felt was unsatisfactory. More about that in a minute.

On Monday evening, as I walked up from the subway, I smelt the friendly aroma of the fish and chips, but I knew f & c was usual for a Tuesday. As I got into the car, Viv told the boys that I'd be cross if we tried to move fish and chips day and have it tonight. Not so, as it happened. But it did mean that the less interesting meal would be served another day rather than not at all.

Viv's club did have a meeting on Monday. Ella won their contest - that's three so far this year. Tuesday was our parish vestry meeting, and something unheard of happened: we finished at 9:15. Couldn't believe it. However, we still didn't get to bed till midnight.
Wednesday. I'm sorry, Wednesday this week, only two days ago, doesn't seem to say much to me. I was working on various things at work, not least of which was the release of the papers by the FSA, which you almost certainly won't want to read. Click here, if you must.

Well, there was oen thing about Wednesday, now I come to think about it. Apparently it's
International Languages Week this week. it was being promoted at Wellington Station as I walked through on Wednesday morning. Say hello in a foreign language and win a prize. So I did. "Yu yes? Olsem wanem!" this was most interesting to the promoter, who has probably had enough of the "Bonjour", "Guten Tag", "Kia ora" and we talked for a few minutes about Bislama, how it is undoubtedly a language even though it is a pidgin, how I still speak it sometimes and still think in it where it is clearer. And there is nothing in English that has the emphasis that is given by stamba in Bislama.

It crossed my mind that the conversation would have gone in a completely different direction if I had instead said nuqneH (tlhIngan Hol) or Bonan matenon (Esperanto) but it would have been no less interesting. By the way, Kia ora (Te Reo Maori) wouldn't win a prize, because it is not a foreign language.

Thursday morning saw the Toastmasters meeting I mentioned earlier. We had put together one speech, an advanced manual presentation by our new president, Kevin, but by seven o'clock there were only a handful of people of there. We had a few latecomers, but a disappointing attendance overall.

This sketchy review describes in part how the last week, went, but it doesn't quite do it justice.

Today, we woke in time to have breakfast and get on with the rest of the day. Lunch was a cheap pizza at Mezzini's, dinner was another curry from Mr India. Viv has gone out to help at the youth group and the boys have just gone off to bed.
That's about it from me. I have just one more question, and it is this: how many people actually read this livejournal stuff I write? Maybe this will give me some idea...

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