Ian (ringbark) wrote,

So, how goes the week

Since Tuesday night, it's been a flurry of activity. Cards arriving from the eight corners of the world, the purchase, delivery and collection of Christmas cards and gifts, to say nothing of all the other things going on here.
Wednesday night, out to the last mission prayer meeting of the year, Thursday and Friday, shopping and things. And I've been very good and actually wrapped things this week, though the boys point out that they can always tell which ones I wrapped. I've got Viv some things that weren't in rectangular boxes, so that has been a challenge.
We're not flying anywhere this Christmas, but neither is anyone else...
On another subject, I see that a company has taken up an idea I had some years ago. My scheme for the same thing would have been more upmarket, but the principle is the same: http://www.firstchristmasproject.com/pages/christmas-gifts.htm - for a complete gift set, perhaps a lamb shank too?
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