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Sober on Boxing Day

And correct spelling, and typing too. And another comment made by someone else makes me wonder whether we will ever get a black Doctor Who, but that's not important now.

Anyway, after listening to the first two parts of "Christmas Carol" last night, we're listening to some more of the story tonight as I type this, though I'm not sure we shall get to the end of it tonight.

This morning, we started slowly, and set off for "Christmas Dinner 2: The Return of the Turkey" at Betty's place. After lunch, we attacked crosswords and similar before leaving. Once again, it was leftover stuff for evening-meal - ham sandwiches, Christmas pudding, mince pies and the like. I must say I didn't do much constructive today, but I did catch up listening to The Archers.

Viv is burning a scented candle which smells like burning wood but is in fact, apparently, ginger, spice and cookies. I said I don't like ginger, spice or cookies, and Viv said I was lying.
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