Ian (ringbark) wrote,

It's almost the new year, and it's also my LiveJournal's fifth birthday. Some people can be wished a Happy New Year NOW, but some will have to wait.

In some ways, it's been a very quiet holiday season. After the getting ready and the celebration on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, it's been quiet. I've been out and about round Bebington and Bromborough, and even went to Liverpool yesterday, to give blood again. It's been a good time this week, but the things to do have stacked up.
However, I did finish writing a sermon before I had to deliver it, I paid for the school pass for Christopher before he needed it, and I have successfully purchased travel season tickets for those who need such things...
I have also tracked down all the supporting documents I need to take to my new employer on Tuesday. Unlike every other place I have worked, they want to see copies of my degree certficate and other qualifications. Actually, I don't blame them at all. Remember John Davy. Not only did he claim qualifications he didn't have, but he also was the first item on NZ's national news the same night I was the second story. But I digress. (But see http://ringbark.livejournal.com/30091.html if you don't remember ths story.)
This morning, it was a very early start, as Viv and I set off through Dibbinsdale in time for the 8 o'clock service, at which I was preaching. +Colin was the celebrant, and we went off to his place for breakfast afterwards, before the 10:30 service, at which he preached.
Then, after the service, off to Kathryn's...it's her birthday, so Viv had bought something. While we were there, the weather deterioriated sharply, and it's now pretty grim out there. No evening service tonight, but quite possibly round to sheaj34's place later on. It's a busy week for birthdays this week, with Kathryn today, Foxy on Tuesday and sheaj34 on Friday, marking the 23rd anniversary of the famed birthday party in Port Sunlight.
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