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Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Last night, just after finishing the New Year meme, we went off to see Angela, Andrew and Ben, who offered a spread of snacks, dips, wines and champagne as we talked our way to the New Year. Just on midnight, we saw the locals launching masses of fireworks, a remarkable display that didn't cost us a bean.
We got home late, and then stayed up later as we called natesmountain to wish her a happy new year, for we have now formed a tradition...but don't count on it every year!
Then to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream.
A reasonably early start this morning. We went off to lunch at Betty's, smoked salmon, vol-au-vents, ham, cheese, prawns, chips, mini quiches, toast fingers, tomatoes, pringles, Christmas pudding, conversation...and then after the boys had gone home, Viv and I went for a walk, but the dull afternoon weather didn't make for an inspirational walk.
I've just about got everything sorted out for my disturbingly early start tomorrow, the first day at work: the boys don't go back till Wednesday (or, in one case, next week) and Viv will have a house to herself soon.
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