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The first week continues...

It seemed that almost nobody I knew would be working on 2nd January: indeed, I read in the newspaper that more people were taking the day or the week off than ever before.
Anyway, about a quarter to six was alarm clock time. The stumbling to get ready before it was time to go out seemed worthwhile: I was correctly dressed and had breakfast. The day starts like this, and looks set to start like this for the foreseeable future:
05:45 alarm followed by breakfast, bath/shower, breakfast, getting dressed etc.
06:40 leave home
06:52 train leaves Bromborough Station
07:11 train arrives Chester Station
07:22 bus leaves Chester Station
07:35 or so, bus arrives at Chester Business Park
Anyway, I arrived at the front desk and my new manager came and fetched me, and took me to where I will be working, and introduced me to some of my new colleagues. As usual, I'm not saying much about the work, but it is an interesting place and the work looks to be both interesting and challenging.
Just after work, I caught the bus and on arrival at the station, found that the 5:45 was cancelled. This may become a disturbingly common theme: on Wednesday it was not cancelled, but almost 25 minutes late.
In the evening, it was Foxy's birthday tea, so we went off to Margaret's for that. Beef, potatoes, vegetables and food in abundance, and company, and wet telephones...a fine time was had by all.
Wednesday morning: the security pass I had been issued didn't open the door, but it's now been sorted out and it did today.
Starting to get to know people a little bit: it's encouraging that there is another person that started in our department the same day, so that's someone else I can talk to who doesn't have a clue what's going on.
Wednesday night was the usual monthly prayer meeting, but my presence at the monthly breakfast will now be at an end, as even I can't be in two places at once.
Tonight has been pretty quiet, but it's possible that someone may be wondering what has happened to me. It's pretty good, so far, and it will be even better when I get paid!
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