Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Another slow start to the day, but it was bright and sunny at last. The storm is definitely over! By the time we got going, it was later than it should have been...

So it was that we took the train to Wellington and wandered up Willis Street to Cannibal. I could see lots of things to my taste, but nothing seemed to appeal to the finicky tastes of the boys. I might have tried to seek out food that they could eat, but I wasn't happy that the normal means of reserving a table (throwing a phone on it) seemed to be unfamiliar to some of the clients, who took it to the desk and sat down at the table thus vacated. We left. I don't know where these people come from.

We travelled on to Manners Street where, much to my doubt, we went to K Kebabs. After some negotiation, David and Matthew found that there was something they could eat there. I chose a lamb and chicken mix kebab with all the sauces, while David chose chicken with tomato sauce and Matthew chose chicken with no onion and with garlic sauce. David seemed to have a fine time, appreciating his kebab considerably. Matthew ate most of his, but I don't really think it was to his taste.

We set off after lunch to Capital E where the mazes exhibition was on. Mazes and labyrinths were present, but the most interesting exhibit, I think, was a collection of large coloured vinyl cuboids whcih had to be assembled to make a regular six sided die, with 1 and 6 opposite each other and so forth. After a few false starts we made it! Some of the other similar puzzles were beyond me in the limited time in such a place. It was fun to solve a Tower of Brahma puzzle again after so many years. I haven't lost my touch.

Back home via Clarrie's newsagent and tobacconist to buy the new Unlimited magazine (high tech business but no still web site - huh?) and I said each of the boys could choose one piece of confectionery. So why do they choose a Mars bar and a Caramello? We caught the express train back at 3:51, just missing the 3:38 stopper to Taita (thankfully).

David kindly offered to make coffee when we got back home. Thank you. I appreciate that.
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