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Sunday night

An early start on a grim morning, the day after the Epiphany. Viv, Chris and I set off for church as usual, though on the first Sunday of the month that's an hour earlier. After the first service, where I was leading prayers, Chris went home, and we stayed for the Family Service. Yes, Chris is probably more in the target age-group for it, but he prefers the other one.
Then home for a late lunch, before braving the elements again. Afterwards, off through the rain to deliver some papers to someone, and then home again. I've drawn the curtains, put the extra heater on for a few minutes and cooked myself some warming porridge. And very good it was too. But now, the end is near, at least so far as the day is concerned. More work tomorrow, in the shape of the beginning of a three-day induction course.
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