Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Let's pick it up from last Saturday

Yes, it's pretty much flat out here. The days whizz past at a rate of one per diem.
No hockey on Saturday morning, hard to remember what did happen. We went to the store to pick up our new mixer on Saturday, however. I do remember that.
Sunday was a usual Sunday, except that we were saying goodbye to Neil, who is leaving us to go on a tour that will take him all over New Zealand and then to Japan.
Monday: Viv at Toastmasters (I think), Tuesday, a quiet day, Wednesday, a quiet day with preparation of the speech for this morning's speech contest.
I eventually decided to make a speech based on an old poem of mine, which you can find at opticalillusion if you must. There seemed to be some surprise from club members that the speech wasn't even placed, but I believe that the judges' decision is final. Pity. Still, considering our alarm clock didn't do its stuff this morning, meaning that I had 14 minutes from waking up to being on the train, I think delivering a speech at all was something of an achievement.
Lunchtime saw me attending a Risk Management Society meeting about corporate governance. Nothing about the meeting has caused me to change my opinion of the Society.
After work, it was pizza and music practice, followed by picking up our car after Norrie serviced it and gave it a new warrant of fitness (same as MOT in Britain).
And that's about it for now.
Except to mention that I am exactly 15,000 days old today. mike2sheds was kind enough to send me a card and a zigzagzoo mouse-pad for the occasion. Thank you.
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