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Friday evening - reflections on a second week at work

An early start on Monday as I set off while it was yet night, with a day of "Making Connections", the first of three days of induction training. An astonishing 130 or so people were on the induction course this week, though we were not all in the same class. I believe there were five groups.
Anyway, it was a start to getting to know people in some of the other business units at work. The second and third days, Tuesday and Wednesday, were largely similar, though the themes of the training were different for those days.
Off on Wednesday night to our housegroup, and then home afterwards, before a night of sleep and a morning which wasn't straightforward: as the Liverpool Echo put it, HUNDREDS of people fled their homes as a warehouse blaze threatened to spark a massive chemical explosion. Canisters of oxyacetylene, a gas used for welding metals, caught fire after being left inside a derelict warehouse on Wirral last night, forcing 875 people out of their homes. Eight fire crews were called to the warehouse on Railway Road near Rock Ferry station at 9.30pm. As police imposed a 200-metre exclusion zone more than 450 properties were evacuated and about 50 residents spent the night at the council swimming pool in Byrne Avenue. Karen Cooper, from Highfield Road, said: "I heard a big bang and thought it was fireworks but there was some big explosions. "We could hear the fire. At about 12.40pm a policeman told us we had to leave our home; I just woke the kids and left." Daughter Sara, 17, said: "The Salvation Army arrived at 2am and since then they have been keeping us supplied with tea and bacon butties." Andy Hannigan from Kipling Avenue said: "The first I heard about it was when the police called round and told us there was a danger of further explosions. "I'm here with my mother and she's 72, but she's OK. I can't fault the services, they have kept us informed and given us tea and coffee. "For the older in here it's like the Blitz, there's that kind of atmosphere and I've heard enough `bunker' stories tonight to last a lifetime." Bromborough fire station watch manager Craig Holsgrove, who was among the first crew at the scene, said: "It was quite an intense fire inside the warehouse. "In those situations all you can do is get people out of harms way and then saturate the cannister with water to cool it down." Rail services between Rock Ferry and Hooton were cancelled this morning and a replacement bus service was in place.
So it was an excitement to catch the bus, when it arrived, followed by the train from Hooton to Chester, followed by the bus from Chester to the Park. Still, it brightened up the day, though not as much as finding that one of the senior guys there was someone I last saw when he was still at school. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.
Thursday night, and still no trains on the affected section. I cooked up some evening-meal when I got home, and then Viv asked me to meet her as she came back from Manchester. I didn't get further than Bromborough station: no bus came, so I just froze till she arrived on the bus coming the other way.
The trains had been straightened out by the time she got there, so I knew it would be straightforward this morning, and so it was.
Tonight, a meal, picking up Chris from Pathies and then back home. A week of LJ. Must try harder.
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