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Thursday evening - high winds

Leaving home before seven, getting home after six, spending much less time online, so if you feel like I'm ignoring you, you may be right but should certainly not take it at all personally. I'm probably reading you but haven't got time to comment.
It's been an eventful sort of week at work. The magic ID number I need to have in order to apply for access to systems at work has been granted, and some access is appearing. Email access and SAS development access are there now, which is a good start. I haven't posted my email address here - this is probably not a good idea.

It's been very windy today. It's not the sort of wind that would surprise anyone in Wellington, and certainly not anyone in Port Vila, but it seems that winds of 35 mph (65 km/h) have the ability to bring down trees, close bridges and even tunnels and rip the roof off buildings, bringing the whole area (and quite possibly the whole country) close to standstill.
People started making plans for going home quite early in the afternoon, but I stayed till nearly 5, largely because I knew that the traffic off the business park was almost gridlocked, while the Wirral Line had no trains.
As it was, I set off just before 5, finding that the usual walk to the bus stop was taped off, presumably as it went past a damaged building. There was no evidence of any buses (or anything else) coming from Wrexham. So I set off on foot for Chester Station, accompanied by another walker, who had some interesting things to talk about...debt issues, a boyfriend in prison, issues with her work and home and other stuff too. It made for lively listening, and made the nearly hourlong walk to Chester Station pass quite quickly. It wasn't cold, or even that windy, as we both walked at quite a tidy pace into town.
Chester Station, and nothing happening. Would-be passengers and BTPs everywhere, the stairs fenced off, and not much happening. Eventually a minibus appeared outside, going to Hooton and Rock Ferry, followed by a double decker whose driver wasn't saying where it was going, and another minibus, which was for Bromborough. So I got on that one, and eventually it set off, going via Capenhurst and Eastham Rake. Just by the Capenhurst turnoff, a very large tree was by the side of the A41, looking like it had only recently been moved there from blocking the road. There were trees down all over the place, including on the line at Bromborough Rake, one at Chris's school and elsewhere.
Eventually I got home just after seven, which would be a disappointment to my friend Jim, who always thinks that a brudda should be able to get home from work in less than two hours.
A foaming coffee and a foaming bath, and I'm back feeling almost human. http://www.merseyrail.org/ tells me that the services are running normally now, which is certainly quite possible. I'll be checking there again early in the morning, of course.
I'm waiting for someone official to draw comparisons between this storm and the one in 1987.
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