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Tuesday night - bus crash is the biggest news

On Sunday afternoon, I set out to listen to a commentary on 1 John ch 3, as I will be preaching on this passage next Sunday morning, but unfortunately I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was nearly time to go out to the evening service, which was themed on more of the letter of James. After that, Debbi gave us a lift home, we had some coffee (tea, in Debbi's case) and soon after that it was time to sleep.
Monday morning was on us too soon, as ever. I'm working on some new reporting now: as ever, the nature of it remains a secret to the casual LJ user, as I have never gone into detail about my work at the Bank, or any Bank where I have previously worked for that matter.
But it is an early start in the morning, and sometimes can be a late evening, but that is usually as much Merseyrail's fault. Not last night! As my bus was turning towards the bridge, someone tried to overtake on the inside (undertaking, as it is sometimes called, partly because of the people sometimes called to deal with it afterwards) and failed to keep to the line.
The first I knew was th loud thud of metal against metal...fortunately no injuries, but by the time the car and the bus had been examined and the driver had collected names and addresses, I had missed the 5.45 train.
In the evening, we went to the Sixth Form open evening with Matthew. At the moment, he looks all set to be taking Mathematics, Politics and Economics at 'A' Level.
Another day at work today, with less excitement getting there and back. After evening meal, I started work on my sermon and have got some way towards something that will be worth listening to. (I hope!)
But now, after washing the dishes and making the last coffee, I'm taking a few minutes to listen to Planet Waves and type another LJ entry while there is still something of the last couple of days in my memory.

(Please can Frank in Germany who replied to a recent LJ entry make himself better known. Unless you're a spammer, of course. Thank you.)
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