Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Sunday night is with us once more

Friday, an interesting day as I worked to assist a major presentation at work, and to get some other paperwork completed.
Lunchtime and a quick dodgy curry at the BNZ Centre before a spell of furniture removal to another Bank building.
It was another quiet evening, with Viv at youth group while I looked after the rest of the house.
One day this week, I think it was Friday, was the night I watched our old tape of Kind Hearts and Coronets, one of the finest films ever made, and one which has been a favourite of mine for many years.
I think I will soon introduce my sons to it, but I don't know how they will take to it.
Saturday, Mathew scored the goal at hockey, but I wasn't there to see it as Viv took them to the game. In the afternoon, the excitement of the day was the toaster blowing up: the cord had been trapped in the oven door and melted. I missed that excitement too, but today we went to buy a new toaster.
This morning, I was involved as (a) stooge in the playlet at the start of the sermon (b) person leading the intercessions (c) chalice assistant.
During the prayers, I focussed mainly on the New Zealand general election yesterday, for which the provisional results are as follows:
Provisional NZ Election Results
  • Labour Party 52 seats
  • National Party 27 seats
  • New Zealand First 13 seats
  • ACT New Zealand 9 seats
  • United Future 9 seats
  • Green Party 8 seats
  • Progressive Coalition 2 seats
  • Everyone else no seats
Total: 120 - Helen Clark leads the largest party and will shortly be attempting to form a government.
This afternoon was partly spent with some people from church and partly with the family. Viv is reading another chapter from Lord of the Rings; the first part of the trilogy comes out on video on August 6th.
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