Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Waitangi Day, evening

On Friday morning we got up and ready, checked out and walked to Sheffield Station for a light breakfast at BK. I got the time of the train wrong, thinking it was at 08:52 when in fact it was 08:42, so ended up gulping down a coffee and stuffing a sausage muffin in my mouth as we left and sprinted to the platform. After that, everything calmed down, and a straightforward journey home ensued. As it turned out, there was time to go home and drop off my bags and have a cup of coffee before going into work. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have taken the whole day as a day's leave.
Friday night and Saturday afternoon were taken up in the most part writing a sermon which I delivered on Sunday morning, but apart from that we went to the open day at the Rectory on Saturday morning. There is an enormous amount of work to be done there before the summer.
Now then, Sunday morning and we set off in good time for the service, and it was very cold and foggy. The sermon I gave seemed well-received, though it wasn't an easy passage to preach from.
At lunchtime, we were at Betty's place for lunch, and then off to the evening service, which was better than it might have been.
There should have been an early night, as there was to be an early start as I was to set off to Manchester for another SAS course, but we stayed up late, though unlike the chap driving us to Manc I didn't watch the Superbowl (finishing at 3am here) - even so we had a safe but congested trip there for the first day of the course.
We woke this morning, Waitangi Day, not celebrated in England, to frost and snow. Even so, another day in Manchester, and back and fed already.

Other notes: Stagecoach run some of the public transport in Sheffield. We recognised their colours from the Hutt Valley and Wellington...but aren't they a British company, so the recognition should be the other way round?
Lunch each day on the SAS course is at The Lowry next door - that's a good place for a meal, but not for the lunch break on a technical course. And it makes for a long break on the course, not necessarily a good thing.
We will be meeting at the Bache at 07:20 tomorrow, in the hope of beating the rush.
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