Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Ash Wednesday night

But before that, three days.

Monday started well, as Mondays are wont to do. Out to a church meeting in the evening. The expansive canteen at work saw fit to celebrate the Chinese New Year...I had sweet and sour pork. It was 'orrible.
Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday at that, and another day at work. The canteen didn't serve any pancakes at all, which I thought was rather a poor show. We didn't go out to eat in the evening, but stayed home, ate Viv's finest homemade pancakes, served with Grand Marnier in certain cases, and watched Indiana Jones afterwards. By then it was bedtime. We didn't do any of the fun things that people in New Orleans may or may not have done.
Ash Wednesday dawned here probably before Louisiana had gone to bed, and another day at work followed. Tonight, a night talking and praying about the various people we know at Crosslinks.
Then back home, a little more cyberslacking, then coffee and bed.
Plans for Lent include less bread and fewer late nights.

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