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Sunday night

Thursday dawned and dusked like most days, with a quiet night at home. I don't think either of us did very much.
On Friday, Viv went out to a "ladies night", the start of a birthday celebration, while I stayed at home and didn't do much. Matthew is starting to learn PHP, so I will probably take some of that knowledge and use it to build into some of my websites. I've continued renovation work on one of my sites, and frankly I can't believe the state of some of the code I've got there.
On Saturday, I set off to Birkenhead to get a new pair of spectacles, only five weeks after my eye test. *cough*Vision Express*cough* This same company also refuses to see Christopher on a Saturday: they will only see children late in the afternoon on weekdays. This means that they won't see him at all, nor me again, nor any of the rest of the family, nor anyone else reading this. *cough*Vision Express*cough*
I also bought two books for birthday presents, which I will not discuss here, and a large and unwieldy round fluorescent tube (40cm diameter) for the morning room, where the flickering would have sent anyone mad.
Saturday evening, as France started defeating Wales, Matthew placed an order at our local fish and chip shop, where we are regular customers. The lady who took the order didn't write it down, and apparently told the owners it was a prank call. He called again half way through the second half when it hadn't shown up (she said it would be 40 minutes) and was told it could be another hour...but she still didn't write it down or place the order. I called after the game was over to ask what was going on...I got someone different who said that the first lady thought it was a prank because "she had heard someone laughing in the background". I walked round to pick up the order: where else can you go. Order first placed and ignored: 8.05pm. Order collected: 10.45pm. Maybe next time we'll try one of the other local shops, calling in at this one on the way past to tell them why they're losing business.
But today, we were at the 8am service to support Ifan, who was preaching one of his first sermons, and then went off to breakfast at another friend's place, before going back for the 10:30. After that, it was home to prepare for Viv's afternoon party: food and company. It was a completely sober event, with the guests all either driving or working or taking alcohol-incompatible medication. Everyone was gone just before 5, leaving time for a snooze before the evening service. So now it's just coffee, clearing rubbish off the bed, LJ, other web news, coffee and bedtime.
Tomorrow (or now, NZ time) will be Viv's real birthday.
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