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09:29 pm: Lewis
Saturday morning we went off to Ellesmere Port and then in the afternoon it was off to church for the big wedding (Chris/Sarah) ; Matthew was helping serve at their reception, but the rest of us came home and we ordered a curry for the night from http://www.tuktukexpress.co.uk - home delivery curry, and very spicy too: what else could you ask? Discount code TAKE10 will save you 10%.
That was followed by preparation for this morning's service, the first time I have led a service in this parish (and, indeed, this province).
It was a good service, followed by the family service. Then home for lunch, followed by a visit to a friend's place to look at a printer problem.
Then in the evening, another service. Viv is watching Lewis, and I'm probably going to end up watching all of it too.

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