Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Monday night

Saturday morning and I was up early...reasonably early...to go off to the hairdresser and have my ears lowered. Then it was back for lunch at home, before another trip to Chester. A trip to Chester isn't really a novelty for me any more, as I go there every day anyway.
But this time I was off to the Cathedral to be present for the admission of the new Bishop of Birkenhead. This was a very encouraging service, and one I'm glad I attended. It was lovely to hear him speak so warmly about his family: it's clear that his is a family that's working well, and who love each other.
+Keith Birkenhead and family
Then on my way back home, I realised there wouldn't be time to get all the way there and back, so I met up with Viv on the bus on the way to the cinema. Then, a total of thirteen people arrived for Chris's thirteenth birthday party: this would be composed of drinks and popcorn, the decidedly weird movie "Ghost Rider", about a stunt cyclist who sells his soul to the devil, and a meal at the Golden Arches because Pizza Hut was full...
then it was back home to collapse, before an early start as I was to preach at the 8am service. The sermon is here if you're interested...and even if you're not!
Then off to Julienne's for breakfast before returning for the 10:30 service...and then home for lunch...and then off to Betty's to sign up for broadband, fill the car with a couple of pints of petrol and drink some coffee.
After the evening service, I sorted through some old sermons, which I'll update online soon. The contents of http://baptism.co.nz are getting better, but the front page still needs major work.
And back into it today, with the usual banking business and things. Tonight, some checking of quiz questions for the forthcoming quiz night. I have again agreed to check the answers for the annual fundraiser at the wildlife sanctuary.
And the rest of the family watched an episode from the new "Lewis" DVD.

In other news, Chris and Jenny from church have announced their engagement. Go Chris and Jenny! That's magnificent news, and anyone who has seen them together recently won't be in the least surprised at the announcement.

Our curate Nick has announced he is leaving us to take up a research fellowship at Oak Hill College. So he, Sam, Miriam and the new baby will be off in September, as Nick studies and writes about Edward Irving, an early Victorian heretic.
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