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Tuesday evening - cooking again

Sunday morning dawned as they often do. Weekly would be the usual frequency. Anyway, we set off to church for the Mothering Sunday service. Viv doesn't seem bothered by mother's day, but does exploit it for coffee from anyone prepared to make it.
As the day continued, the weather deteriorated, and made it one of the very few days I can ever remember to have all four sorts of precipitation: rain, hail, sleet and snow. There wasn't much snow, but it caught us as we were walking from church to a lift home in the evening.
Monday, another day at work and an evening at another meeting; Tuesday, today, another day at work and the delivery of our new cooker - four ceramic rings, two ovens, one with a grill.
A fairly quiet evening. Washing dishes in a few minutes as an AVI file finishes being converted a DVD image, after which it will probably be converted to a physical DVD.
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