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03:25 pm: Lazing on a Sunday afternoon
It was about a quarter to one that the groceries were delivered, so that most of the morning was wasted. And when it came to sorting out the bathroom, ordered from B&Q over a month ago...well, unfortnately some of the staff seem to have the brains of a backward hamster. On the other hand, I did seem to be able to order a skip for Monday morning.
The Manchester District Music Archive at http://www.mdmarchive.co.uk/ is worth a look if you're interested in Manc music in general or in particular. I added a load of stuff there yesterday while I was waiting for ASDA.
In the evening, off to Debbi and Ian's for meal and chat. Once again a very agreeable way to pass the time. And then saw them again this morning in church.
Our Chris was taken home sick: he's up and about after a few hours recovering and sleeping. He missed salmon for lunch - but probably didn't miss it too much.
Anyway, a decidedly curtailed afternoon today, as I set off for a Readers' meeting at 5 o'clock. This afternoon has been pretty quiet. Various LJers, including but not limited to ciarang, will not be surprised to hear that quite a bit of the time today has been spent washing the dishes, but I've previously explained why that seems to be such a large part of my existence.

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Date:March 25th, 2007 03:29 pm (UTC)
I hadn't even considered your continual dishwashing odd - it seems to be an ever present chore everywhere.
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