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10:48 pm: Connecting through Swisscom
Swisscom is an expensive internet provider, but they do offer wireless service at this hotel, so...here we are.

This morning, a later start but still pretty early. A breakfast, a couple of local trains and a longer distance train to Salzburg, home of one Wolfgang Mozart. If still alive today, he would of course be famous for his longevity. It was a glorious day in Salzburg, and we visited a number of historic sites, including a castle at the top of a hill, a river, a cable-car, a horse and cart ride and lots of other excitement. But it makes for a long and tiring day. One person I knew online years ago said she didn't keep a blog, as she was too busy living life to write about it. That's the problem: when you're living life to the full, there isn't the energy to write about it, and when it's normal stuff, there's nothing to write.

After our return to Munich, we went to a little Mexican place just by Gisellastrasse station, where we ate ourselves silly. And very good it was too, especially for the money. Bt now we're back at the hotel, winding down after another day.

Current Location: Hilton Munich Park Hotel
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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