Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Back home, for now

As ever, my story reads like an itinerary, Viv's like a real travelogue.
We got up early, had another fine (and complimentary) Hilton breakfast before setting off to the Munich Olympic Village. It's a magnificent facility, with a tall tower and lots of other places to see. 27 tennis courts. Amazing. Probably the saddest thing we saw, and the thing for which I remember the Games there is the memorial to the victims of the terrorist massacre during the games. I remember seeing the television pictures the following day of all the flags of the world at half-mast. There is a large stone memorial at the site.
After that, it was time to return to the hotel, have a couple of drinks before we left and then travel to the airport. That was quite straightforward: in fact, the whole journey was. We didn't have much time or much choice for food at Munich Airport, but made up for that by the time we got to Munich. Our travel home was: walk across the park in Munich, pick up the local train to Marienplatz, change onto the airport train, check in and fly, catch the bus to the gate and the shuttle to the terminal at Stansted, then the Stansted Express to Liverpool Street (45 minutes, three stops, would have been quicker to get off at Tottenham Hale but we didn't realise that), tube to Moorgate, change, tube to Euston, 19:38 to Chester and 22:15 to Bromborough, walk home.
It wasn't as bad as that sounds, but it does show there were a fair few changes on the way home.
On the journey from Euston to Chester, I watched "Gattaca" on my laptop, while Matthew and Chris watched part of "King Kong" on Chris's DVD player. I'm not sure what Viv did; David seemed to work through a Sudoku puzzle book.
And there were some reasoanble behaved but very loud children in our carriage from Euston as far as Lichfield TV.
But not a bad day, all in all. And today, the boys are in Bala, and we are going to Leeds. Soon.
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