Ian (ringbark) wrote,


Our disappointment with Leeds yesterday meant that after a breakfast, we went straight to the station and went to York. Leaving aside that two adults travelling from Leeds to York (£18) (30 minutes) is dearer than a whole family travelling from Munich to Salzburg (€29) (2 hours) we can't complain. We arrived in Leeds, went over to the Minster, where we looked around, climbed the tower and saw super views over York and Yorkshire and then xplored the history in the undercroft, treasury and crypt. Then it was snack time, after which we walked up the renowned Shambles, where we saw much and purchased nothing. And then it was the Viking Jorvik Centre, with re-enactment of the Viking heritage of the city, before we went up the tower mount and the tower. It was too late for the Castle Museum, but not too late for the Railway Museum and, more importantly, the York Wheel. It's like the London Eye, but smaller, cheaper, and in York.
And we've just come back from Chaophraya - http://www.chaophraya.co.uk/ - every bit as good as anywhere we've dined in ages, and benefiting from the reputation of the (no doubt unrelated) restaurant of the same name in Auckland.
And now we're back in Leeds.
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