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Friday night is almost over

A very fine Saturday night was followed by a fairly leisurely start on Sunday morning, as we had breakfast and set off for St George's Church in central Leeds, which was Viv's church when she was a student. Both the interior (completely reordered) and the exterior (new spire) have seen a fair amount of change since we were last there almost twenty years ago, and there was scarcely a soul we knew. Still, a lively and friendly service.
After the service, the walk back to the hotel, the train to Liverpool and the rail replacement bus back across the Mersey. And then a train and a walk home, via a dairy. Well, I call it a dairy, but that's because I spent too long in New Zealand, though on this occasion it was to buy milk.
Sunday night's service at St Andrew's was the Bala celebration, a finale to the youth camp our boys had been to.
Monday morning, a return to work. On about Tuesday, our internet connection dropped to snail's pace, for slow values of snail, and this is why I have been largely absent here this week.
But Thursday night was the Bank's fun run. See http://www.justgiving.com/ianspringsintolife for more information. I'll be zipping over there in a minute to update it.
And after work today, I had to reprise the run as I had to run half the length of our building to catch up with bus I missed because people couldn't exit the building through the turnstile fast enough and I got through just as the bus left.
And now the boys are out, we've just had couscous for evening meal and Viv is printing out leaflets for come forthcoming events.
Earlier, I spent some time on the phone to Orange Technical Support. The first guy, Yugo, seemed intent on getting me to check everything was switched on and had lights shining, even after I told him to stop patronising me. At 42p a minute, I got rid of him. Sid, on the other hand, gave me some settings to check, and this I did. The DNS settings were incorrect, as was one other setting. So now we have a better connection. It's not clear why the previous configuration has worked successfully since late July 2005 or whenever it was we upgraded to broadband. I presume there is a reason, but I doubt if I will ever know it.
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