Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wednesday night

An exciting day, at least for people in my line of work. This morning, I received a copy of the draft of the new Quantitative Impact Survey, which will probably form a significant amount of my work until Christmas. Lunchtime also saw me at the Wellesley Club, listening (with 90 others) to the Banking Ombudsman speaking on the past, present and future of the Banking Ombudsman in New Zealand.
There is no requirement for any of my readers to be at all excited about any of this. After home time, I went to the station to buy the August season ticket (now increased to $96) before we picked up our car, complete with a new fuel pump. I paid Norrie in a combination of New Zealand dollars and pounds, as he is shortly to go back to England for a holiday, and I had recently accepted a ten-pound note someone else had in settlement of another debt. So they are indeed an international currency. Nobody likes paying the foreign exchange commission figure, so I think ten pound notes get passed around settling debts here until eventually someone repatriates one.
Anyway, then we had dinner and Viv talked the boys through some musical instruments.
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