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11:14 am: The party approaches
Not the Conservatives, who called last night to ask for my support,
but the mad hatter's party this afternoon. I've just helped Viv carry
a load of stuff to the church hall and put some popcorn into plastic
cups. Now on my way to Dale Street to give blood before heading back
to collect the shekels as people arrive for the event. The train to
Liverpool is full of people of all sorts, but the platform for Chester
seems to have only families with pre-schoolers. I can't believe
they're all going to the zoo. But if they are, they can stay all day.
I've just noticed that my phone still has the remains of the sticker
that reads 'be nice to me: I gave blood today' and I'll probably get
another one today. I'll keep rambling because I'm now deep underground
with no cell signal. This is Hamilton Square, the last station on
'our' side of the Mersey. Next up, James Street, recently known as St
James. From there, it's a walk up James Street itself, then Castle
Street, then Dale Street. But first, the escalator and the lift. And
now I'M walking to a destination in Liverpool for the first time in
ages. As I walk along Castle Street, I always wonder where the
madhouse is.

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