Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Found the madhouse on Castle Street

Those of you who found this entry through a search engine, sorry. But
at 2 Castle Street in Liverpool there is a Starbucks. That may not be
the madhouse we're looking for. Move along. It's a glorious afternoon,
and the tea party should be well attended by happy children and happy
parents. I hope. As for the blood, I gave again without incident.
Friendly and competent staff, reasonable coffee and bourbon creams.
What more could anyone ask? Well, roast turkey and cream cakes,
apparently. What's next in our busy lives? Well, I think I need to
find some lunch somewhere: I can't believe the fare on offer at the
mad hatter's tea party will be entirely suitable for someone seeking
luncheon. In other news, we've heard that Bryn Haworth will be playing
at Party in the Park in Bebington next month. It's a pity that we
heard this news from some people in Harrogate rather than from a local
network. He is something of an elder statesman of Christian music, and
the fact he's playing here should have been better promoted by now.
But apart from the date for Party in the Park, we know no details
about it. But for now, a glorious late spring afternoon and an Ian
more up-beat than for a while. Be seeing you! Oh, and I say someone
wearing a very old The Prisoner t-shirt on the train this morning.
Lunch at John Yeung. It's like back to the 70s when that place was our
local chippy. Except that the lady who served me a moment ago probably
wasn't born then.
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