Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Today there was no bomb scare

Not to say there was one yesterday: the line just came to mind. I
think it was in the sleeve notes of an old Larry Norman album.
Yesterday morning, however, my train was cancelled, though whether it
was really a technical issue or just a driver who fancied a day
fishing I couldn't say for sure. A day working hard followed by a
quiet evening doing very little. An episode of Lewis, a chat to bits
of the family as the arrived and left, a continuation of the pondering
what to say about 2 Samuel ch 12 on Sunday morning. And pretty soon,
sleep, waking and another day largely the same. In Oxford, May Morning
will be in full swing as I type this. And 27 years ago I was there. In
some ways it seems like only yesterday. In those days, there was no
Vanuatu for of to have heard of, I didn't know Viv at all, and so much
of the world I know take in my stride would have seemed strange and
mysterious. ATMs were in their infancy, home computers were a dream or
a nightmare, mobile phones were an image from Star Trek. The line from
Rock Ferry to Chester was an hourly diesel train, not an electric unit
twice an hour. I could carry on, of course. But today is another
beautiful sunny spring morning, and we all need to look to the future,
not the past. What will the next 27 years bring? And will I ever get
to the party on May Morning again? The lorry driver who didn't know
anything about it. The rock bands. The Santa Claus guys. The sherry.
The massive crowds at six in the morning. Happy memories from a time
long gone for me.
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