Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Russian choir

Readers will remember me talking about the Blagovest Ensemble last
year. Six very fine singers, who sing unaccompanied. Russian Orthodox
sacred music is the first part of the performance and Russian folk
songs form the second half. On the face of it, it doesn't pound
compelling... but it is! The power of the music is overwhelming; the
variety in the soloists is inspiring; the contrast between the sacred
and the secular is striking. If interested, ask me about dates later
in their tour. Or join us for next year in Bebington. That was most of
last night. The rest was hearing about David's presentation about JFK
and the other sixth form presentations yesterday, including one who
apparently illustrated his talk with a powerpoint presentation of text
only, copied and parted from the BNP website. That's about it from me.
Sunny morning, wearing a jacket because the forecast I saw said rain.
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