Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Not wearing a cardigan today

I started typing this on the bus this morning, but my phone ate it before I had finished. So I jotted down some subject headings, and I've come back to it now. It's likely to be one of my longest posts for a while so I'll just lj-cut it now.
617 overheard the excellent advice "If you want to be found guilty of a crime you didn't commit wear a cardigan. Daivd Bain, Peter Ellis, Arthur Alan Thomas. They all wore cardigans" and I think it's spot on. However, anyone outside New Zealand is unlikely to have heard of any of these people. The advice is probably useful everywhere, however. Nevertheless, last Saturday afternoon, before going to Libby's 40th birthday party, I received a text message telling me to bring a cardigan, as we would be in the garden for most of the evening. I didn't: instead, I took the old Pierre Cardin jumper that Viv says is worn out and stopped fitting me years ago. It kept me warm, and made me look very stylish indeed a prat. It's my view that Bain is innocent of murder, even if he is guilty of crimes against style. I've touched on the case in LJ and in real life before. For newcomers, there's a useful article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bain as you might expect. It's also my view that a politically motivated New Zealand Supreme Court cannot hope to be impartial in the way that the Privy Council is, and that the NZ Police and NZ justice system are not fit for purpose. The absence in NZ of an equivalent to Britain's Crown Prosecution Service means that many cases without merit end up in court.
The news that the Bliar has announced his departure comes as another piece of welcome news. But why not go now? He has said for a long time that he will leave in May, so what is this date of June 27 all about? On the other hand, he has lied about almost everything else, so what difference will another 45 minutes days make? The only downside of all this, of course, is that we'll get Brown as PM next.
As I looked up for a moment while posting this, I noticed a street sign that said "Castle Street". So there's one in Chester too. That's pretty good. They even have swans on the river too. And there might be practically nobody who has the slightest idea what I'm on about here.
The train I catch in the morning is supposed to arrive at Chester Station at 7:11, but today it arrived at 7:09. This meant that I might be able to catch the bus that leaves at 7:10! Sure enough, there was a bus there, and people were paying the inflated fare to get on as I arrived at the stop...and it stayed there till 7:20, so it was my usual bus anyway.
There is only a very limited repertoire of music played over the PA in the corridors at work, but it's always cheering when I hear FGTH's "The Power Of Love", as I did this morning. The song seems to say "maybe the day won't be as bad as it could be". As it turned out, the day wasn't too bad, but the weather was disappointing.
You never know what you're going to get... today, they were advertising Thai fishcakes, which did indeed prove to be Thai-ish. Four smallish fishcakes, served with a sweet and sour sauce and salad of sliced onions, spring onions, tomatoes and other bits of vegetable.
A while back, I agreed to check the questions for the fundraising quiz night at the Wildlife Sanctuary. A combination of being a slacker, having no time in the day or most evenings and a dodgy net connection meant that I hadn't done it, but last night I had a free night, a good-enough connection and the motivation to do it. I feel much happier about it now, and I bet the quiz organisers do too. It will undoubtedly be a great night; on the other hand I won't be there to enjoy it myself.
And now we're off to pick up Christopher from the church hall.
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