Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Worse weather

After a broadly beautiful April, we are having a mostly miserable May.
There's no horrible gale, but the rest of it resembles the worst of
Wellington. Meanwhile, everything else is carrying on much as it
always did. The hotel I mentioned yesterday has evidently not suffered
any problems, so I have to assume either a drill or a false alarm.
Service announcement: on Saturday we will/may be switching from Orange
to Virgin as our main internet provider. How this works out remains to
be seen. Orange offer an upgrade from 2GB to 2.5GB and think that
entitles them to say it's a new 12 month contract, even though their
recent service has been no better than dial up. For the same price,
around £28 a month, Virgin offers a speed rated at 10GB, plus basic
cable tv and telephone line rental. Goodbye Orange... Meanwhile, still
standing in the rain at Chester Station. So everyone is catching the
X55 instead of the 1. Now, from a seat on the X55, I can see the 1 has
just arrived and the driver seems to wondering why he has no
passengers. I doubt if he'll be disappointed, but all the people who
want to travel to Yr Wyddgrug on this bus might be disappointed. Well,
maybe not all of them.
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